I am Lazy Rich's secret stash of unreleased tracks.

I contain songs that for whatever reason, be it a finicky label or a mixdown that didn't co-operate, did not see a commerical release.

Although not Rich's best work, each track I contain holds a special place in his heart. Or he spent too long on them and he doesn't want to accept that it was all just a big waste of time.

A lot of the tracks may seem dated, probably because they were made ages ago and you kids don't like electro house anymore, however Rich sincerely hopes that they will bring you at least 30 seconds of mildly entertaining distraction from Pokemon Go.

All the best,

Lazy Rich's secret stash of unreleased tracks.

Cazzette - Beam Me Up (Lazy Rich Remix).wav

Lazy Rich - Something Melodic.wav

Lazy Rich - Beginning of the World (Alternate Mix).wav

Adam K - My Love (Lazy Richs Stupid Dutch Remix).wav

Lazy Rich - Collab Bro (Original Mix).mp3