The Lazy Rich Show October 2011

Featuring a guest mix from Soulfix


The Lazy Rich Show
October 2011

King Kong (Lucky Date Remix)
DJ Dank - Mightnight Moroder
Titanoz, Metzo - Memories
The 8th Note, Willian Clark - Falling 4 You (Chrizz Luvly Remix)

Top 10 Most Played

10. Revolvr - The Beat Goes On
9. Tommy Trash - Future Folk
8. Nobody Beats The Drum - Poisson Vert (Shameboy Remix)
7. Chrizz Luvly - One Time
6. Dylan Ryhmes - Kapow (Utku S. Remix
5. Tommy Trash - Blair Bitch Project
4. The M Machine - Promise Me a Rose Garden
3. Far Too Loud - Megaloud
2. Lazy Rich - You Missed a Spot (Minero Remix)
1. Zedd - Shave It

Atomic Drop feat Patron - Do It Again (Candyland Remix)
BRUK feat Marie L - Keep Running (Lazy Rich Remix)
Afrojack vs R3hab - Prutataaa (Darth & Vader Remix)
Fatboy Slim - Ya Mama (Push The Tempo) (Moguai Remix)
Felguk - Blow Out (Electrixx Remix)

Guest Mix - Soulfix

Daft Punk - Derezzed (Ryan Riback's Tron Guy Remix)
Utko S. Dance Freak
Paul Anthony & ZXX - Sex 101 (Fastfoot Remix)
Autoflash - The Candy Dealer (Soulfix & Florian Remix)
Marcel Woods - Advanced (Marco V Remix)
soulfix - Fuck Your Barbara Streisand Trip (Mashup)
Yenn feat. Jay Jacobs - New Generation (Soulfix & King Kornelius Remix)
Fedde Le Grand - Metrum
Marzetti feat. Natasha Geisler - My D&G (Soulfix Remix)
Mysto & Pizzi ft. Jonny Rose - Where is Love (Soulfix & Bassive Remix)
Soulfix & King Kornelius - Drop it to the Floor
Cool Project ft. BBK & MC Loc E - Space Age Flow (soulfix & Bassive remix)
Paul Anthony & ZXX - Let me Bang (Soulfix & Bassive Remix)
Jacksaw ft. Loc E - Bang Bang (Soulfix remix)
Exodus, Leewise & Reepr - Put Yo Hands Up (soulfix remix)
Metzo - Get Over It (soulfix & Toby Emerson Remix)
Alex Kidd & King Kornelius - Milk & Cookies (Bassive & Soulfix Remix)
Defunct! & Soulfix - Throwback
Paul Anthony, ZXX, Donald Glaude, & Defunct! - Shake that Ass (Soulfix & Ryan Riback Remix)