The Lazy Rich Show February 2011

Featuring a guest mix from Figure


The Lazy Rich Show
February 2011

Designer Drugs - Through The Prism (Dada Life Remix)
DJ Maxsie & Alex Speaker - Hey Yo! (Darth and Vader Remix)
Sync Fyller - Fylled Up
Electrixx - My Bassline (Alex Mind Remix)

Top 10 Most Played

10. Dilemn - Clapping
9. Frederik Olufsen - Basement Insomnia (Fast Foot Remix)
8. Mord Fustang - The Electric Dream
7. Highbloo - Time to Change Part 2
6. DJ Exodus, Leewise & ReepR - Put Yo Hands Up!
5. Frederik Mooij - Play On (Aniki Remix)
4. Fast Foot - Race My Music
3. Hirshee - Get Live
2. The Boomzers - Rowentah (Far Too Loud Remix)
1. Miles Dyson - Itune

Porter Robinson & Lazy Rich feat Sue Cho - Hello (Schoolboy Remix)
Rico Tubbs - Feel It (Lazy Rich Remix)
Kimberly Caldwell - Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys (Lucky Date Remix)
Fast Foot - Protect Animals (Alex Kidd USA Remix)
Zedd - Autonomy (Cold Blank Remix)

Guest Mix - Figure

Space Laces - Deep Space
Far Too Loud - Start The Party
StarJackers - Something Happening (Calvertron Remix)
Calvertron - Hit The Ground (High Rankin Remix)
Calvertron and Figure - Bring The Bass Back
Will Bailey - Xpander (Figure Remix)
Space Laces - Disco BloodBath
Blaze Tripp - Vertigo (VIP)
Filthy rehab - Pep Talk
Vahid and Parsa - Pussy Lovers (Jared F Remix)
Hirshee feat Sue Cho - Always Tomorrow
Calvertron vs Qalvr - Raw 2 Da Floor (Lazy Rich Remix)
Foamo - Movin It Over Here (Will Bailey Remix)
Faceman and High Rankin - PUblic Service Announcement
Tim DOlla - Switch (Flufftronix Remix)
Last Japan - Reach Out (Blaze Tripp Remix)
Figure - Torture (Udachi Remix)
Kanye West - Dark Fantasy (Figure Remix)